My Adventure!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Now I'm THAT Plane In the Sky

Homesick or Sick of Home?
So many nights falling asleep watching the sky, watching the planes and wondering where they were to land?
Finally I'm on that plane home to America. After traveling after holiday this is my 8th plane ride this week.

Every start to a new adventure has ones you leave and ones you go to. I am very excited to go home to see family and loved ones and as I leave the ones I have grown so close to I can't help but reflect on my experience as a whole.

Everywhere you go there are similarities and differences to what you know. The relationships you make mold who you are and who you become.  As you travel you mature, as you meet people,you listen to their stories, you take bits from them and gives them your story.

 You learn about different people the way they live and evaluate the way you live. You learn...that family will always be here for you. You really appreciate the people you love. You don't need most of what you have.  You is the foundation of who you are.  You learn...about yourself and what it means to have meaningful conversations.  And you learn...God will always be with you wherever you go. 
I have had the adventure of a lifetime student teaching abroad and traveling, I am excited to see family and loved ones with a new lens on life and I am so blessed to have made friendships that will last a lifetime!

Monday, November 25, 2013

T-Minus 3 Day Left in Korea!

I look left, I look right try to remember: "Where did the bus dropped me off?"
                                                               "Where did it pick me up?"
                                                               "What's the bus #?"
                                                               "When does the subway stop running?"
                                                               "What line do I to transfer?"
                                                               "Where I am going?"
                                                               "How is it pronounce?"
and the list goes on.

I have braved public transit, I have braved being a homeroom teacher of 2nd grade and 5th grade, I have braved climbing mountains, I have braved reading Korean, I have braved teaching English to refugees, I have braved booking trips, I have braved eating 3 forms of octopus and silk worms, I have braved student teaching ,I have braved traveling in a no English region of Japan, I have braved an almost sank ferry ride, I have braved 19 weeks of no income in a foreign country, I have braved having no car or cell phone, I have braved the world's largest church, I have braved temples, shrines, and gardens, I have braved a 15 HR time difference with people I love, I have braved loving kids with all I am, I have braved being lost but not losing my cool countless times, I have braved my first professional teaching interview, I have braved entering the international teaching community and being touched by every person who has come into my life! 

My last week in Korea? 
Wow! These events have helped mold me into the woman that will arrive in America on December 6th.

How is this all possible?
Support, support, support, Support, support, support, Support, support, support, Support, support.
Thank you!
To my God! (who loves me unconditionally and who created me just the way I am!)
TO my UNI advisor(who bent over backwards to help me adjust and challenged my teaching)
TO my amazing mentor teachers
To my family (who LOVE me and support me in EVERYTHING I do in life)
To my boyfriend (who makes me smile, helps me to better myself, and reminds me why I'm here)
To my friends (who LOVE me! Who no matter how much they want me home are happy for me)
To my KIS co-workers! (who have taken me under their wing and treated me as their own!)
And the list goes on!...

Thank you for an amazing experience of tears, Hoo-rays, 1st times, last times, laughter, realizations, opportunities, and personal/professional growth!

I couldn't have done it without everyone!!

God is good everyday!  And everyday, God is God! 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

What Matters The MOST?

The newest YouTube craze: A woman, when referring to a fire in her apartment saying, 

"Ain't nobody got time for that!"And it's true! Sometimes.

Life is a juggling acts.  BUT I am learning there are a few things you NEED to make time for.The best use of life is love. Life without love is really worthless. Love cannot be learned isolation. So what does that mean?  We shouldn't talk about finding time for people in our lives, that's like saying relationships are just a part of our lives along with other tasks, but really relationships are what life is all about.
SO what do we need to do? 
Love God. Love People.
The point of life is learning to love people, even the smelly, selfish, hard to talk to, negative, prettier than you,  rude, and busy people.God has placed you where you for a reason. WHEREVER YOU ARE! EVEN if you don't want to be there. 
In our final moments we don't say "bring me my watch, graded papers, or diploma." You want people to surround you.  The best way to spell love is T-I-M-E, spending time and focused attention in relationships is what 

I literally don't remember the topic of my research paper sophomore year of HS, but I do remember how critically important my relationship was with my basketball team & best friend Rachael.  I wouldn't be the same person without those them. 

***It's not easy with deadlines, distractions, kids, bosses, co-workers, hw, and the wold weighing on your shoulders, But what I have found is:  As I am trying to juggle, Work, Friends, Family, Sleep,Planning, etc.  I evaluate what matters most, most likely when I do this I rule out reading the article for work and rule in checking in on a friend or coworker.   (Even in Korea, where the customs are so different and I can't talk to most people on the streets.  I do what I can.)
"Let LOVE be your greatest aim." Gal. 3:26

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Adjusting to a NEW Life!

Week 11 out of 16:

As I sit soaking in my reflective juices of my teaching of October 24th 2013 I can't help but ponder on: ADJUSTING TO A NEW LIFE from my teaching in my last placement: 2nd grade to 5th grade.

The hardest part of my student teaching experience so far is adjusting to a totally new grade level.

I miss my 2nd graders a WHOLE lot, but I'm also building relationships with my 18 very intelligent 5th graders. Although they don't always "say the darnest things" the rewarding aspect is seeing them transfer the strategies they are learning in other subject areas, to real life, and beyond.  And sometimes they will make you shake your head, smile while you try to hide it, and chime in with a comment that makes you say to yourself "Gosh, 5th grade is fun".

2nd graders question: "Did you know I like Ketchup on my pizza?"
5th graders question" "If you could have anything in the world, non-tangible, what would it be?"

Just a preview of the different levels.  With teaching 5th grade comes challenges and chances.  Chances that I can take to improve my teaching to apply to my career on my own, or I can decide to do the minimum work and pass those chances up.

Example: Undertaking the implementation of a Project Based Learning unit.  This unit is quite the challenge to launch and quite the chance to get the experience with this strategy of teaching.

I wont't bore you will the details of PLB but basically its keeping the learning in the hands of the students by giving them a question that drives the entire unit of study having the lesson be based upon their own questions.  This unit is a challenge because it's so much planning up front, but I am not only gaining confidence in myself, but my planning, the students abilities, and in God that he will give me the abilities to be 100% teacher and 100% student at the same time. Not on my own strength could I fill both those requirements to the fullest.

Adjusting to teaching a new grade level is more difficult than I ever thought and I feel totally and utterly overloaded with all the information my brain is soaking up but the Professional Development I am getting with Writer's Workshop, Project Based Learning, and other odds and ends is irreplaceable.

Do I have time to breathe? No.
Do I have time to think?  Not clearly.
Do I have time to plan? Barley.
Do I have time to socialize? Rarely.
Am I making time for God?  I wouldn't be able to continue my search for why on earth I am here, if I didn't make time for the person who made time to create me.
Introducing the organization of the Period Table with the Harry Potter version.

All in all.  My life is 150% different than it was 4 weeks ago teaching 2nd grade, new tricks(humor to keep the kids captivate), new challenges(more Korean names to learn), and new trials(content expertise).  But I love the challenge of working my way into the ever so awkward, stinky, lovable, quirky, silly, sing-songy, capable, stylish, chapter-book reading, math genius 5th grader hearts and lives.  

Chip Lab: Testing the volume of chips
Students are on TodaysMeet sharing Philanthropy charity organizations they are interested in.
Students taking a look at their manifests
Kindergarden Book Buddies 

With God all things are possible. Even when I feel like I'm barely making it day by day. He helps make all things MORE than worth it.